Burma & Myanmar philately

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Who Was Who in Burma Philately

an annotated biographical index for researchers

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"Chalo Delhi" - The real story

a complete reexamination of the origins of the "Chalo Delhi" Azad Hind stamps produced in Burma in 1944

and a refutation of the current consensus regarding originals and forgeries

Contact: Richard Warren rwarren99@yahoo.com

At Gerald Davis's 1996 presentation of peacock overprints (photo Colin Jones)

Great adventures have shaken those childhood companions of ours, stamps which a thousand bonds of mystery unite with the history of the world ... Here are the stamps of defeats, the stamps of revolutions. Used, mint - what do I care? I shall never begin to understand all this history and geography. Surcharges, overprints - your black enigmas terrify me: behind them are concealed an unknown ruler, a massacre, palaces in flames, and the song of a mob, waving placards and shouting slogans, that marches towards a throne ...

Aragon, Paris Peasant